Scavenger Hunt

Rules and Procedures:

  1. Images must be taken between January 1, 2022 and March 16, 2023.
  2. Images may be adjusted (manipulated).
  3. Image files shall be in the same format as for club digital competitions  (maximum of 1400 pixels wide by maximum of 1050 pixels tall).
  4. Image files shall be of type jpg.
  5. Image file names are automatically created by the submission procedure "Submitting Images" below.
  6. For judging, all images will be displayed in the orientation provided.
  7. All Scavenger Hunt subjects (see below) are also subjects of the Multi-Screen Competition and therefore all Scavenger Hunt images will be considered for entry into the Multi-Screen Competition.
  8. If at least 6 members in a digital class ("B", "A", or "AA") enter in 9 or more subjects each, then an additional class-based competition will be created for that class. These entrants would be part of both a class-based Scavenger Hunt and the main Scavenger Hunt.

Submitting Images: 

Submit your images using our online procedure by selecting this link and following instructions there. Images must be submitted on or before March 16, 2023.


  1. One (1) point if the digital image does not satisfy Subject.
  2. Three (3) points if the digital image is below average.
  3. Four (4) points if the digital image is average.
  4. Five (5) points if the digital image is above average.
  5. Each person's lowest-scored image will be dropped so one can choose to skip one subject without penalty.
  6. The person with the highest total score is the winner.


Contest Place Contest Prize
First Blue Ribbon & Certificate
Second Red Ribbon & Certificate
Third Yellow Ribbon & Certificate

Items to Find:

Subject Number Subject Notes
01 Backyard/Parks/Gardens Flora & Fauna
02 Inside the house
03 Old
04 Night time Blue hour to Blue Hour A
05 Sports
06 National, State & City parks
07 Music/Musical Performance/instruments
08 Minimalism
09 Emotion/Feelings
10 Compositional element(s) A



Backyard/Parks/Gardens Flora & Fauna - hand of man is okay, birds, maple tree w no critters is okay, cultivated flowers is also okay, Bumble Bees flying around flowers is okay. [Elliot: this is sort of like Nature, but man-made elements are allowed, as are manipulations. This is a good time to use photos that are not allowed by PSA Nature rules. Same with Parks, below.]

Inside the house: furniture, kids playing, cooking dinner, flower and or fruit baskets [Elliot: good place for pet photography.]

Old - places, people and things

Night time Blue hour to Blue Hour Sunrise or Sunsets are not allowed. Moon & Astro-Photography are examples of permissible subjects.  Night time cityscape would also work..... [Elliot: any time after the sun fully sets and the time before the sun appears.]


National, State & City parks (fountains, wildlife preserves, seashores are okay)

Music/Musical Performance/instruments - including implied like a radio or someone dancing, something that generates music. Musical theater, loud speakers, sound stages, recording studios, images of 8 track, etc....


Emotion/Feelings - Happy, Sad, etc... [Elliot: Doesn't have to be a human. Angry animals work.]

Compositional element(s) - S-curve, leading lines, frame, rule of thirds, etc [Elliot: you should make the compositional element(s) used be pretty obvious to the judges.]



A - subject is also an AVCC club competition subject

Ap - subject is also an AVCC club print competition subject

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