Multi-Screen Club Competition 2022-2023

The Multi-Screen Club Competition was formerly called the Quad-club Competition. AVCC competes with 3 other clubs each Spring: Nashoba Valley Photo Club, the Camera Club of Central New England (CCCNE), and Seven Hills Camera Club. The location of the competition varies from year to year depending on which club acts as competition host.

There are 2 open-category competitions: one for prints and one for digital. Each club may submit up to 10 images in each of these open competitions.

There is also an assigned-category competition. Each club may submit one digital image in each of the following categories:

Backyard/Parks/Gardens Flora & Fauna - hand of man is okay, birds, maple tree w no critters is okay, cultivated flowers is also okay, Bumble Bees flying around flowers is okay. [Elliot: this is sort of like Nature, but man-made elements are allowed, as are manipulations. This is a good time to use photos that are not allowed by PSA Nature rules. Same with Parks, below.]

Inside the house: furniture, kids playing, cooking dinner, flower and or fruit baskets [Elliot: good place for pet photography.]

Old - places, people and things

Night time Blue hour to Blue Hour Sunrise or Sunsets are not allowed. Moon & Astro-Photography are examples of permissible subjects.  Night time cityscape would also work..... [Elliot: any time after the sun fully sets and the time before the sun appears.]


 National, State & City parks (fountains, wildlife preserves, seashores are okay)

Music/Musical Performance/instruments - including implied like a radio or someone dancing, something that generates music. Musical theater, loud speakers, sound stages, recording studios, images of 8 track, etc....


 Emotion/Feelings - Happy, Sad, etc... [Elliot: Doesn't have to be a human. Angry animals work.]

Compositional element(s) - S-curve, leading lines, frame, rule of thirds, etc [Elliot: you should make the compositional element(s) used be pretty obvious to the judges.]

All entries (Assigned Digital, Open Digital, and Prints) must have been taken between January 1, 2022 and April 30, 2023

The winning club gets bragging rights and its name put on the trophy. Individual certificates are given to winning individual members.


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